Landscaping Solutions for Strata Managed Properties

Living Matter offers specialised services for Strata Managers wishing to elevate the visual appeal, sustainability and functionality of their properties through innovative landscaping solutions.

With a wealth of expertise in crafting and installing captivating features like vertical gardens, green roofs, rooftop gardens and planter boxes, we can create stunning green spaces that enhance the livestyle of the strata community while adding value to the property.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes softscaping, turfing, lawn maintenance, irrigation design and mulching. Whether the property requires landscaping expertise on a capital works project or experienced horticultural maintenance services, the Living Matter team is committed to working closely with Strata Managers to provide a seamless process and effective communication throughout the landscaping journey.

From initial concepts to execution and ongoing maintenance, we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that each project aligns with the unique vision and requirements of the property while providing transparent costings, detailed reporting and accountable, personalised service.

a drawing of a garden with trees and a house


Working with strata managers to add value and visual appeal to residential buildingswith lush, vibrant softscape features that enhance the environment and create lasting impressions.

a small garden with steps leading up to a house

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