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At Living Matter, we are driven by a passion for integrating green elements into building structures, simplifying landscaping through innovative problem-solving and prioritising biodiversity and sustainability.

Established in 2020, Living Matter has gained a strong reputation for intelligent creativity in landscape design and implementation. Our team has nearly 15 years’ experience in project managing and consulting on landscape solutions for many major Sydney projects, in addition to designing and implementing softscaping on high end residential properties. With a commitment to excellence, we have helped reshape urban and residential environments through the integration of stunning green elements and effective landscape infrastructure.

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Harnessing deep and diverse knowledge gained from major projects to predict and prevent landscape issues effectively.

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Experts adept at solving complex landscape challenges through innovative problem-solving techniques.

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Demonstrating particular expertise in preserving and enhancing biodiversity within landscape solutions.

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Leaders in implementing sustainable practices to ensure long-term environmental viability in landscape projects.

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  • Over 5 years of Residential Experience

  • Land Management Degree

  • High End Residential Projects

  • High Profile Commerical Interior

  • Exterior Green Projects

Our Principal - George Close

Living Matter was founded by George Close in 2020 following a highly successful landscape career that spanned the UK, Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter regions.

With a degree in land management from the UK and over 14 years of industry experience, George has worked on many notable projects including One Central Park, Atlassian HQ, Barangaroo House and the Lendlease Headquarters in Barangaroo. These landmark projects utilise innovative green roofs, rooftop gardens, planter box installations, vertical gardens and complex irrigation solutions.

George’s exceptional talent in foreseeing and solving complex landscape issues has been honed over many years of designing practical solutions for an extensive range of challenging environmental issues on major development projects. The transformation of Manly Vale Carpark is just one example where George’s expertise in complex irrigation systems was required to successfully construct the development’s stunning, sustainable three-storey vertical garden.

George's leadership and hands-on approach ensure every project meets and exceeds client expectations from initial consultation to project completion. Through collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and builders, the Living Matter team delivers practical, sustainable and impactful landscape solutions, designed to enhance urban and residential environments with lush, green natural elements.

The Living Matter Landscapes Team

As the Principal Consultant and sustainability expert, George Close manages every project to ensure it delivers to the brief, on time and within the agreed budget. He is supported by a trusted team of proven industry professionals, including an experienced Site Manager, skilled horticultural labourers and specialised sub-contractors.

The Living Matter team collaborates extensively with architects, designers, engineers and builders to assist in transforming their creative visions into practical and sustainable landscape solutions. With an extensive knowledge of plant life and effective landscape solutions, we partner industry professionals and clients to rationalise initial drawings and designs, recommend and procure green life and materials, conduct softscaping installation and provide ongoing maintenance after completion if required.

"I am passionate about working with builders, architects, designers and other landscape and engineering professionals to bring their creative concepts to fruition in a practical, long-lasting and environmentally sustainable way."

George Close

Founder & Principal

Our Services


George Close is available to provide expert consulting services to assist builders, architects and designers by identifying potential landscape issues and desiging solutions to ensure the effective implementation of projects.

Project Management

With high level experience project managing major landscape developments, George leads every client project with meticulous adherence to proven systems and processes that ensure delivery is on time and on budget.


With hands-on landscape construction experience and a team of trusted horticultural specialists, Living Matter installs landscape projects from concept to completion, bringing creative visions to life with practical insights and application.


Living Matter can ensure your landscape project retains its stunning, aethetic appeal through the provision of ongoing maintenance services.

Our Solutions

Living Matter can deliver a multitude of landscape projects, large and small, and manage every aspect through planning, management and delivery phases.

Previous projects

At Living Matter, collaboration is key. We collaborate directly with clients and partner seamlessly with builders, architects, landscape designers, interior designers, and engineers to bring visions to life.Text Placeholder

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